EKKO ES100E Aerial Work Platform Lift Table Cart Lift Height 32.8' (394'')

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Reach new heights safely and efficiently with the EKKO ES100E Scissor Lift! This compact work platform boasts a 700-pound capacity, ideal for lifting tools, materials, or yourself to tackle jobs up to 32.8 feet high. Maneuver around with ease thanks to its four wheels and user-friendly Curtis controller. Plus, it adheres to strict safety standards (GB25849 and EN280) for your peace of mind. Get the job done right with the EKKO ES100E!

-Load Capacity 700 lb

-Raised Height 32.8' (394")

-Lowered Height 96.85''

-Size: Length 89" x Width 45"

-Steel construction

-3 Years Limited Warranty

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