EKKO EK25SLP Forklift with Pattern Cushion (LPG) 5000 lbs

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The EKKO EK25SLP forklift is your one-stop shop for warehouse and distribution domination! This 4-wheel machine runs on clean, liquid propane and is built tough with high-quality parts. It sips fuel responsibly, meeting the latest EPA standards. Plus, the EK25SLP boasts a powerful PSI engine and a competitive price tag, making it a smart choice for your business.

  •  The operation space is enlarged y heightened overhead guard and using large arc shape of the overhead guard's front leg
  • Semi-suspension seat, small steering wheel, electro-hydraulic direction changing and automobile type double combined switch effectively improve driving comfort level.
  • The cushion connection and whole suspension cab can absorb the vibrations of the truck effectively.
  • Lowering the damping device inside the lifting system reduces the mast's shock and vibration, avoiding noise caused by goods falling to the ground.
  • A small turning radius makes steering flexible and easy.
  • with an optimized hydraulic system, the truck is more energy-efficient and has lower fuel consumption.
  • The engine satisfies the CARB 4 regulation
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